All the tools you need in one plug-in

Our Shopify App is virtually effortless to add to your existing site. Simply add our Try it On app FREE with our 14 day trial. Your site visitors will have the options to add apparel and accessories to your Dressing Room cart and schedule their appointment!

Scheduling an appointment is incredibly easy and simple.

Visitors to your site will be asked to choose a date and time to reserve their dressing room. It’s THAT EASY! Email reminder notifications about their scheduled appointment ensure your customer doesn’t miss their special reserved space!

Customization done right.

As the business owner, you have the option to set your business hours, availability, and to view and confirm appointments through our easy to use Shopify App!  We make it so easy for you to see newly requested appointments, confirmed appointments, customer contact information and more!

Easy to use, easy to love

Try it On started as a dream to bring the e-commerce world more in touch with the magic, personalization, and overall better service a traditional store provides. Shopping for clothing online can be challenging. More and more customers are expressing frustration with sizing and constant returns. Additionally, the trend to support local retailers and spend more money with small business is a lasting and growing phenomenon. Try it On wants to empower its users to get the best out of their online store and bring more customers to the shop!